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Heat Exchangers

FireSlab offers a broad range of individual heat exchangers for residential buildings, hotels, hospitals and industry. We present various water/water or steam/water heat exchangers, and underwater heat exchangers.

Spiral Heat Exchanger

The flat spiral heating coil is utilised in the FS-HWT storage tank. The heat exchanger is always positioned in the coldest section of the storage tank due to its flat construction. This results in extremely effective heat transmission and sanitary hot water generation. Due to the spiral structure, up to 18m2 of heat exchanger surface may be installed in a single layer.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

The shell & tube heat exchanger is utilised in the FS-HWT storage tank. Free-floating turbulator rods are the most superior heat exchangers available. Due to the internal tubulating rods, very high flow velocities inside the tubes are created which leads to a highly efficient heat transfer. Furthermore, the oscillation of the rods prevents the heat exchanger from fouling.

Stainless Steel Tube Heat Exchanger

The stainless steel tube heat exchanger is utilised in the FS-HWT storage tank. The tube heat exchanger is designed to be mounted inside a storage water heater by inspection flange. It is completely made of stainless steel, pickled and passivated. The heat exchangers can be used for both steam-to-water or water-to-water operations.

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