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Hot Water Storage Tank Accessories

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Thermowells are used to guard temperature sensors such as thermocouples, thermistors and bimetal thermometers against damage from excessive pressure, material velocity and corrosion.

TP Valve

The T&P valve, or temperature and pressure relief valve, is one of the most important safety devices in your home. If the temperature rises above 210 degrees Fahrenheit or the pressure exceeds 150 psi, the valve will open and relieve the pressure inside the tank.

Dial Type Thermometer

Dial thermometers use a metal pointer on a circular scale to indicate temperature measurements. They have two main components: the needle and a temperature sensor. The way a dial thermometer works depends on the type of thermometer it is.

Safety Valve

The function of the Safety Valve is to protect life and property against failure to control system pressures, ie it offers the last means of reducing system pressure before total failure.

Pressure Gauge.webp

Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauges are available in a wide range to suit a variety of applications and pressure ranges.All pressure gauges are PSI and BAR registered and are available with back inlets, bottom inlets or top inlets to suit any installation method required. The range also features a high-pressure indicator to show the highest pressure the gauge can register.

Air Release Valve

Air Release Valves help in ejecting trapped air, which ensures the smooth flow of water in the pipelines and smooth functioning of the irrigation system. This happens when the Air Release Valve opens up against the internal pressure built up inside the water pipe.

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