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Insulation Tank

The newly developed fibre fleece insulation has up to 30 per cent fewer heat losses compared to conventional foam insulations. Fibre fleece has been used for several years in the clothing industry and the automotive industry. The material fits perfectly in the shape of the storage tank due to its special characteristics. Thus so-called chimney effects are reduced. Without the use of chemical additives, the insulating material is made of PET bottles and is therefore 100 per cent recyclable. 

Water Tank Insulation Rock wool & Fiber Fleece


•    Optimal thermal insulator because the fibre fleece insulation perfectly fits the shape of the storage tank
•    Robust PP outer sheathing, which can be printed individually
•    Patented aluminium closure strips without unwished opening
•    Can be used for any size and height of storage tanks
•    Patented covering rosettes
•    Sleeve caps for insulation of unused connections
•    Loss-optimized insulation cutouts at the connecting points
•    Environmentally friendly manufacturing process (without chemical additives)
•    100% recyclable
•    Flame retardant according to DIN 4102-1 class B2 and on request in BI
•    Food-safe, robust and extremely impact-resistant outer sheathing
•    Excellent ageing stability & shape stability
•    Resistance to various acids and alkalis
•    Easy and quick installation (even in winter at low ambient temperatures)
•    Lightness
•    Flexibility through in-house production

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